Anesthetic Saftey

We make every effort to make surgery as safe as possible for your pet.  We perform a pre-anesthetic exam on every animal, we have a variety of anesthetic protocols tailored to your pet's individual needs, and we carefully monitor your pet's vital signs during surgery.  We also offer Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork.  This helps increase your pet's safety also.


Pain Management

It is not optional for your pet to hurt at Southside.  Every surgery causes pain.  We have a minimum of 4 unique interventions to prevent any pet receiving surgery from hurting.


Laser Surgery

With laser surgery we cut with a laser instead of a blade.  This decreases your pet's pain, swelling, and bleeding.  It can be performed in most procedures.


Therapy Laser

Therapy Laser is an amazing tool that speeds healing and decreases pain and inflammation.  It can be performed after most surgical procedures.


Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

We perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries and some orthopedic procedures.


Dental Care

Dental Care effects more than your pet's breath.  It effects the overall health of your pet.  We perform routine dental cleanings where we perform a complete oral examination, check the health of each tooth, can try to save at risk teeth, and pull painful teeth.