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Diagnostic Medicine

We always strive for a high quality of medicine to diagnose and treat your furry family member.  We have a variety of diagnostic tools to achieve that goal.

In House Laboratory

We have an in-house laboratory to perform diagnositcs on blood and other samples when quick answers are needed.


Digital Radiography

We have digital X-rays available that provide many benefits over standard film.



We perform ultrasound on items such as abdominal masses, pregnancies, and basic echocardiography.



This is a simple non-invasive test that can help distinguish between heart disease and other causes of coughing, seizures, and weakness.


Blood Pressure Testing

Cats and Dogs can get high blood pressure, also, that can cause stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease.


Eye Pressure Testing

Red eyes are sometimes Glaucoma.  Glaucoma leads to blindness unless it is caught early with this simple test.


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