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Preventative Medicine

At Southside Animal Hospital we want to increase the length and quality of your pets life.  Preventative medicine is a powerful tool to achieve that purpose.  The two main goals of preventative medicine are disease prevention and early detection of disease.

Physical Examination

This is the single most important thing we can do for your pet every year.  This is where we can identify many problems from our conversation and examination and prevent worse problems.



Vaccines are an effective way to prevent disease.  Not all pets need all vaccinations.  We can advise you on which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet.


Dog Vaccines

Fecal Floatation

A fecal floatation checks for parasites that can be harmful to your pet and contagious to you and your family.


Heartworm Testing (Dogs only)

Heartworms are a preventable blood parasite that can lead to permanent scarring in the lungs, heart failure and death.


Feline Leukemia and FIV testing (Cats Only)

These deadly viruses can be contracted by cats of any age.  Testing helps us protect your cat, other cats, and know how to more effectively treat your pet


Wellness Bloodwork

Bloodwork checks for many conditions that cannot be detected on physical examination and aids in early detection of problems.


Blood Pressure Testing(Cats over 9 years old only)

High blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular disease of older cats and can place them at risk for kidney failure, heart failure, and stroke.


Eye Pressure Testing (Dogs over 9 years old only)

Glaucoma can occur as a dog ages and causes irreversible blindness.  It can only be treated successfully if caught early.


Electrocardiogram (Dogs over 9 years old only)

This is an effective screening test for some forms of heart disease that are difficult to determine on physical examination allowing for early intervention.


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